Round Table or Rally Table


            Round Table or Rally Table is a strategic learning method.  It comes under the co-operative method of learning.


            In this process, the class or the students are divided into groups.  This is done to encourage group learning, team building and co-operative learning.  It is the written version of Robin Table.  The group of students are given a sheet of paper and a pencil.  A question is posed to the students in such a manner that the students can write multiple answers for a given question.  A timer is set and the students are asked to write the answers.  Each student of a group writes one answer and passes the paper to his other group member.  Till the time is up, the students keep writing answers by passing the paper in group.  After the time is up, the student is asked to read out the answer he has written.  This enables the entire group to work together and come up with suitable answers.


·         Positive Group Work

·         Brain Storming

·         Equal Opportunity

·         Helps to reflect upon one’s thoughts


·         Difficult for slow learners

·         Takes more time as it is written than the oral work

·         Questions should be clear and concise

·         Questions should be in such a manner that it has multiple answers/approaches


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