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SHOWDOWN is a cooperative learning technique that allows students to work in groups to answer question.

When to use SHOWDOWN?

It should be used to after teaching a concept or once the chapter us completed and should be preferably done in small groups(3 to 4)

How to use SHOWDOWN?

  1. Students in groups of 3 or 4 would receive some task cards with specific problems from the chapter they are learning about.
  2. Team leader of the group picks up the card and reads the sentence in it aloud without showing it to the others.
  3. Other team members write the answers on their paper or chalkboards. When the teacher gives showdown signal, all team members will reveal their responses at once.
  4. If everyone gets the same answer they can assume the answer is correct. If not- all members need to discuss to see if someone did something wrong and help that student to see what they did wrong.
  5. For the next task card, a different student on the team becomes the leader.
  6. The teacher should monitor the activity and make sure students are getting correct answers.

Why to use SHOWDOWN?

Showdown helps the student to work in team and the most important aspect of "SHOWDOWN" is the students will develop the ability to help other students.

Advantages of SHOWDOWN

  • It gives opportunity to the individual to expertise their ideas.
  • It is easy to perform in a class as it takes less time.