Animated lab sessions to conserve nature and cruelty prevention

The anatomy of animals and plants are better studied and understood by dissecting them.  Students understand better when they dissect them in the lab, assisted by their teacher.

In a lab session with an average strength of 35 students per class, 35 specimens need to be sacrificed. Extrapolate this strength with the number of schools/ colleges that perform dissections per month. At the end of the year so many species of animal/plant vanish from this world.

This amount of loss to nature can be minimized if the live lab sessions on dissection are replaced with the ICT technology. Dissections on animals/plants can be animated using virtual computer generated images based on the inputs from the students. If a student commits a mistake during dissection yet another animal/plant needs to be killed, whereas in animated lab sessions he/she can restart the lab session without causing any harm to nature. The history of mistakes committed by each student can be recorded and be monitored by the teacher/lecturer for corrective measures/ evaluation.

Animated dissections can be used in either of the two ways, or in combination:

  1. Step photographs/recordings of a live dissection in progress can be used
  2. Computer generated images simulating a dissection based on student input

The entire dissection session of a student on a computer can be recorded and replayed by the student doing the dissection or by his peers to hone the dissection skills and for the better understanding, assimilation of plant/animal anatomy.

This when implemented across schools/colleges will help in conserving nature, prevent from species becoming endangered and cruelty on animals

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