7 Factors affecting learning:

1.       Intellectual factor:  Intelligent is a behavior that results in a successful functioning of adaptability to new problem and conditions of life. It is more related to the performance in school. Performing well in one subject and not well in another subject indicates that there is something lacking in an individual.

2.       Learning factor: Lack of previous knowledge in any specific field. As learning is a systematic process, if not learned the basic it will surely lead to sever impediment in learning.

3.       Physical factor: Learning happens by seeing, hearing, doing. The regulated secretion of pituitary and thyroid glands are very essential.

4.       Mental factor:  Mental factors much contributes to learning. Attitudes such as likeness, willingness, open mind, happiness help in learning.

5.       Emotional and social factor: It is the relationship of a learner with a situation, person and place. The classroom situation, presence of an object or even a co-student could be an emotional threat.

6.       Teacher’s personality factor: Personality includes aspects such as appearance mental ability, emotional balance, attitude, and effective presence. Interaction of a teacher’s personality influences the learning.

7.       Environmental factor: The surroundings structure, equipments like textbooks, classroom and other instructional material influences the learning.  


Crow D.Lester, Educational Psychology,Eurasia Publishing House,New Delhi,Fifth edition reprint 1991