Sir, here is the basic idea that i have for the wiki page. please let me know if i can proceed with it.


Collaborative learning and co-operative learning are two extreme ways of learning. Since they are extreme, I think that there should be some discussion or a way such that a new strategy comes up and it is in between collaborative learning and co-operative learning. It can act as a bridge.

Why this method?

We can draw a bridge between the two so that there is if someone is not comfortable with the extreme ways of learning then this bridge can help to serve the purpose by acting as a platform.

Role of the teacher:

The teacher would work as a guide here giving the basic instructions and then the groups are formed and brain storming is done before and after the task is assigned. This way, the students will be given the time to think on the spot as well as build up and come up with new thoughts/ideas after a while.


  • It will cater to the need of both type of learner and it will also be able to include learners who are in neither extremes but find themselves in between the two.
  • The group will be heterogeneous with variety of ideas cropping as the range of students is different.
  • It will be more child centric.