Sir, can i create a article for English on one of the approaches in social science that is co-ordinated approach.

English Article : Topical Approach

Topical approach implies the  revolving of the contents of social studies  around a series of topics connected together .According to Topical approach the curriculum makers take particular topics as the central theme of work in social studies at different level of instruction. The nature of the topic vary in accordance with the  age, ability and interests of student. These topics are also called linked lessons.  The students may share their previous knowledge about the topic ,ask questions, raise doubts and take part actively in the discussions. Here learning takes place spontaneously as the students are motivated. A teacher may introduce the topic with the assistance of material aid. Topics can be picked up from daily routine , life situations and environment.

In primary classes the child may start the study of development of concrete and familiar thing such as food, clothing , houses and  means of transport. In the  middle classes he may be introduced to more important and more difficult topic the history of institution and government and finally to the history of ideas.

This method provides a solution for dealing with vast material in a logical and rational fashion. Learning is related to life and environment .Pupil’s interest and motivation remain aroused.