Here is a brief article i have written about Dyadic Essays..

Dyadic Essays:

It is a highly structured cooperative technique which encourages writing skills among students and also help students to communicate information or their ideas. This technique enable students to work independently and then come up with their individual study through an in class writing . Thus the structure promotes critical thinking by requiring the students to work with different ideas on their own, and offering them the opportunity of writing to learn. This also helps the students to have immediate and valid feedback about their own intellectual response to discipline specific material.


This first step is for students to read the material assigned to them e.g. a chapter in textbook and then prepare an essay question. Students need to be guided to develop questions so that all the material can be shared in the class by discussing these questions. They then come to class with their prepared essay question in one sheet along with careful thought out response or modal answer to their question in a second sheet.

  • ·  The students are then randomly paired who exchange their own questions and spend time writing a spontaneous answer to their partner's question. This can be done either an open book or closed depending upon the complexity of the material.
  • The students in pair compare the modal answer prepared before class with the spontaneous answer in the class . The instructor conducts a general discussion about the topic after all have received the copies of the questions.

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