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learning concepts through practical activites

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Practical activities mean three things: using materials and resources to make things, making a solid model or object of a mathematical concept or relationship and using mathematics in a practical, real-life situation like in the market place or planning a trip. Practical work involves using resources (Portman & Richardson, 1997).


Learning through Exploration:-


Using a practical approach and objects from the pupils’ environment can help to raise pupils’ motivation and interest. In this section, objects from everyday life are used to help pupils develop important geometrical skills, such as recognizing, visualizing, describing, sorting, naming, classifying and comparing. Again different Case Studies and practical activities are discussed.


Learning through Investigation


It is a common practice for teachers to do some mathematics and then ask the pupils to practice it. However, another different approach is possible You as a teacher may set your pupils a challenge which leads them to discover and practice some new mathematics for themselves. Your task will be to find the right challenges for them. The key point about investigation is that students are encouraged to make their own decision about where to start, how to deal with the challenge, what mathematics they will apply and how to describe what they have discovered (Portman & Richardson., 1997). However, you will need to understand the mathematical topics that can be investigated from a simple starting point.