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Topic: Activity based learning in India

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Numbered Heads Together is a cooperative learning strategy in which students work together to ensure that each member of a group knows the correct answer to problems or questions asked by the teacher.

समस्या आधारित शिक्षा

Numbers-Heads-Together Overview

A cooperative learning strategy[1]  holds each individual student for learning the material. Students are divided in-group and each student will be given a number (from one to maximum number in each group). For Example:

  • Teacher gives a common question for all the students.
  • Student will be given time to think for the answer and pen down their answer
  • After that they will put head together and discuss until consensus
  • Teacher select a number at random
  • Numbered students respond with different ideas and contradictions about the topic and that will help to improve their CRITICAL THINKING.


Learners are given problem for getting the solution and they put their head together and finally GENERATE and EXPLORE possible answers for the given problem.

Complete solution of the problem raised by teacher.

Positive interdependence but individual accountability.

Especially helpful for slow learners as after contributing in the group they get confidence that they are presenting right answer to the class so it boost their confidence.

When to use numbers head together

It can be used when content is vast of the topic and interaction is required for coming to conclusion and topic needs to go through various thoughts preferably should be done in smaller groups.

How it is helpful

  • Effective than traditional method[2]
  • Fostering student interaction positively
  • More than two heads coming together to discuss that helps to explore more about the problem presented.
  • No partiality as teacher pick the number randomly to look for the answer
  • Equal participation by bright as well as slow learners
  • It make students think in depth immediately come up with a solution for problem being a quick thinker
  • Teams are formed on and ad hoc for a single lesson from the Book.


  • Time consuming
  • Proper planning is required as teachers
  • Finding Law of readiness among learner will be challenging


Numbers head together is cooperative learning [3] where students can learn while sharing, exploring, discussing and thinking in depth. It consists of plan, form teams, assign numbers, put questions, call for heads together and call on number respondent. According to me, it is helpful strategy in teaching learning process as it is based on:

  • Critical thinking
  • Awareness
  • Exploration
  • Skill of quick thinking
  • Compare and contrast (with other headed numbers)
  • Finding solutions


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