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Co-op Co-op is a learning Strategy and it is the way to engage the students in traditional psychology courses by making them to express their knowledge in topic which they are interested. The topic is introduced by team, since it is team work which will increase quality of students learning process. All the students in team share their ideas what they have learned and it is seen to more motivational tools than the traditional letter grade.

To train the teacher they include Co-op Co-op in the theories and techniques of cooperative learning. This makes further improvement and development of methods. It is found to be the best cooperative learning than any other cooperative learning methods in training of student teachers process.(1)


Co-op Co-op is a kind of activity which promotes the development of student needs for developing a global perspectives. In fact there are 10 steps but some of important steps to be follow in teaching a lesson on global perspectives in any course.

Conduct class discussion: Each student in the group shows positive interdependence and all of them are assign different role: encourager, checker , facilitator, materials handler and summariser. Students chose their prefer countries to do research.

Develop interpersonal skills: This involves encouragement , active listening , keeping the group in task and criticising ideas, not people. Each students develop positive attitude towards their group. Each group draws talents to complete the group project.

Give team presentation: Group presents its global perspective on the country they have chosen, with each student presenting mini-topic. After the presentation there will be class discussion. In discussion they stress on higher level thinking skills, analysis and synthesis.

Evaluate: Each student gets their individual grades for mini-topic report and group grade will depends on team presentation. (2)


It allows to study depth of topic which the group have chosen using cooperative learning and still giving opportunities for individual achievements. (3)

It is more practical and beneficial, moreover we develop the ability to make intelligent decisions.(2)





User:Vincentvikram User:Lekha R